Happy 2019 !

Welcome to my site ! Just want to say thanks for stopping by and wishing you all a very happy 2019 !
I’m currently on contract with We Will Rock You on Anthem of the Seas until mid-February, and then I’ll be turning over the featured guitar chair to the very capable hands of WWRY veteran Bob Wegner.
Stay tuned for more updates, new music, recordings, and videos this year !


3 thoughts on “Happy 2019 !

  1. Wendy Messina 4 years ago

    Just came off of the Anthem last week and wanted to let you know listening to you play at the Schooner bar was one of the highlights of my cruise. I only wished that people would have shut the **** up so I could have heard you better. Rock on !!!

  2. Rhett Beshel 4 years ago

    Joyce my husband and I just got off the Anthem of the Seas yesterday 2/15. We were very lucky to be able to see you Several times during our cruise! You are one of the BEST Guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing & listening to. I celebrated my 58th birthday on this cruise so you can guess I’ve seen a lot of Rock Concerts as I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s. You play with absolute passion & that is Very obvious to anyone who has ears Keep that passion & Keep Rocking

  3. Ed Sadler 4 years ago

    Just got off of the Amthum of the Sea ship Feb. 15 2019. Got to see you in the “We Will Rock You” show and you and the show were fantastic. I also got to see you with the other performers. I did get to talk to you and I to lill b you I wanted to see you shredding the guitar. I was very happy to see it at the last show. But was totally blown away by you doing “Dust In The Wind”, you were amazing. I hope you come to Delaware or maybe Philadelphia some time soon. I would love to see you again.